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Before you begin to make any structural changes, please take time to read the Owner Alteration Process & Printable Form, before submitting your form. After your review of the process & responsibilities you may either fill out the online contact form below or download and print the form for submision.

Approval takes time, your board will needsto review your requests first. Please feel free to contact your property manager with any questions you may have, they will be happy to help you.


UNIT OWNER and ASSOCIATION RESPONSIBILITES: (include but are not limited to)

Owner Responsibility Association Responsibility
All Windows and Sliding Glass Doors Not Applicable (N/A)Not Applicable (N/A)
Garage Doors, Front Doors, Rear Doors Not Applicable (N/A)
Exterior Light Fixture (by front & garage doors, decks, patios) Not Applicable (N/A)
Weather Stripping Around All Exterior Entrances Not Applicable (N/A)
Doorbells Not Applicable (N/A)
Front Door HardwareNot Applicable (N/A)
Cleaning Ductwork/Venting Inside Units Not Applicable (N/A)
Solar and/or Accent Lights Outside UnitsNot Applicable (N/A)
Flowers, Flower Pots, Decorations Outside UnitsNot Applicable (N/A)
Rear & Side Landscape Beds & Privacy FencesNot Applicable (N/A)
All Indoor Utilities (electrical, plumbing, natural gas, etc.)Not Applicable (N/A)
Maintaining/Cleaning Back Patios & DecksNot Applicable (N/A)
Safety Systems (Sprinklers, Devices, Inspections) Not Applicable (N/A)
Cleaning Glass Windows, Glass DoorsNot Applicable (N/A)

Additional Information about Owner Responsibilities:

Overtime, with normal wear and tear, it is expected that major building components will need to be replaced by unit owners (e.g., windows, sliding glass doors, front/rear doors, garage doors, furnaces, air conditioners, hot water tanks, etc.). The Association is responsible for exterior costs such as roofs, gutters, downspouts, but unit owners are responsible for all other costs as listed above. The cost of replacement or repair is part of the price of home ownership.  If you are not sure, please ask.


Per the Governing documents of the Association, no alteration or change may be made to any structures, common area’s, shared and/or limited common area’s without prior BOD Approval. There are Repair and/or Replacement Policies/Specifications/Standards that exist for these items and Unit Owners must submit an “Alteration Request” form to the BOD and obtain prior approval before making any change/revisions/modifications or replacement to the structures.


Alteration Governing Document
Awning Installation over Patio or Deck Approved Standard Alteration – Awnings
Deck Extension Deck Replacement/Extension Policy
Patio Extension Rear Patio Extension Policy
Garage Door Replacement Garage Door Replacement Standards
Front Door Replacement Front Door Replacement Standards
Front Door Handle/Lock Replacement Front Door Replacement Standards
Window Replacements Window Replacement Standards
Sliding Glass Door Replacement Sliding Glass Door Replacement Standards
Satellite Dish/Antennae Installation Policy for Antennae /Satellite Dish Installation
Outside Light Fixture Replacement Exterior Wall Lantern Specifications
Solar, Accent, Spot Light Outside Unit Exterior Accent Lighting Specs
Landscaping Changes to Existing Beds Decorations and Planting Policy

NOTE: For drilling holes into your unit roof, exterior walls or party walls requires the submission of an “Alteration Request” and the receipt of approval before work can begin. A professional, licensed/certified contractor must be used for all alterations. Example: attic exhaust fans, bathroom exhaust vents, vent pipes for high efficiency furnaces, tankless water heaters, plumbing, electrical, safety, etc.


The BOD for an HOA has legal authority over all Common Elements, Common Area’s and Shared Common Interest, which include any/all alteration of building exteriors and alterations to building interiors within the community. The Board of Directors has required that any proposed alteration of these common area’s is to be submitted to the BOD before requests will be considered.


Please follow these instructions to ensure the BOD receive all pertinent data.

  1. Complete this form making certain that you understand all association policies and will agree to comply with all portions of such prior to signing.
  2. On an attached sheet(s), prepare a sketch, drawings and/or written description of the proposed alteration in enough detail to permit the BOD to render a decision. Please have your sketch signed by the preparer of the document.
  3.  Attach a copy of your contractor’s designs and/or proposal to this form.
  4. Send the completed form, and all attachments to BOSS Property Management Group, LLC, P.O. Box 4577, Crafton, PA 15205, Phone: 412-523-0960, Email: or you may fill out the online form below.


Please follow these instructions to ensure the BOD receive all pertinent data.

  1. Description: (Include location, dimensions, color and materials)
  2. Contractor’s Name, Address, Phone Number and PA License Number
  3. Attach a statement of contractor’s insurance coverage and carrier for Liability, Workman’s Compensation etc. It is recommended that the contractor’s insurance agent send a copy of the insurance coverage directly to BossPMG and name the association, unit owner and management company as additionally insured.
  4. Certification of owner’s insurance with period of coverage (Liability and Fire) must be attached.
  5. Attach any other pertinent information such as contractor’s drawings, photos, catalog cut sheets, MSDS Sheets, Scheduled of Activities, Access Requirements, etc.
  6. The alterations may be subjected to township ordnances and require submittal for township approval, licenses, Inspections and/or permits prior to receiving BOD approval


 I (Unit Owner(s)) have read the requirements as outlined in the “Alteration Request” procedures, guidelines and this request form and in the event that the above request is approved, I (Unit Owners) agree to and shall abide by all of the following:

  1. That all expenses related to the alterations, including any resulting damage to the Common Elements or to other units is my responsibility and I (Unit Owner(s)) agree to save the BOD, the Association and BossPMG harmless from any and all liability which may result from any approval;
  2. That I (Unit Owner(s)) assume all related costs of present and future maintenance and insurance connected with this alteration(s);
  3. That I (Unit Owner(s)) do permit members of the BOD and its appropriate agents to make reasonable inspections related to this proposal; and that such inspection may stop any/all alteration activities;
  4. That I (Unit Owner(s)) prior to the sale of this unit, will inform the future buyers of any maintenance responsibilities connected with this modification;
  5. That by signing this “Alteration Agreement”, I (Unit Owner(s)) have assumed all responsibility in assuring that any related Federal, State or Local Laws or Building Codes of such are being adhered to;
  6. That I (Unit Owner(s)) realize that no actual work can begin until I (Unit Owner(s)) receive a copy of this form stamped approved by the BOD.

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