Boss Membership Management Plans – 2021
Basic Standard Premium
Portal Access
Boss Systems are entirely digital X X X
Easy Navigation, Training, 24/7 Support X X X
Management Team Services
Assigned Property Manager X X X
Assigned Real-Estate Sales Representative X
Assigned Property Insurance Manager X
Assigned Property Manager X X
Assigned Property Inspector X
Assigned Financial Team X
Assigned Legal Representative X
Assigned Maintenance Manager X X
Membership Management Services
Association & Unit Owners Membership Programs X X
Transition Process & Set-Up X X X
Attend 1 Monthly BOD Meeting X X
Attend 1 Yearly Annual Meeting X X
Record/Issue Meeting Minutes X X
Black & White Copies X X X
Color Copies X X X
Review Corporate Status X X
Issue Yearly Annual Report X X
Issue Yearly Budget Preparation X X
Tax Return Fillings X X
Issue New Governing Documents X X
Issue New Rules & Regulations X X
Issue Amendments X X
Manage Association Daily Activities X
Set-Up Communication Hub X
Manage Resale Packets X X X
Membership In Vendor Consortium X X
Vendor Pricing Discounts X X
Bids/Estimates/Proposals Work-Orders X X
Bids/Estimates/Proposals General Construction X X
Work-Shops X
Home Safety X X
Home Maintenance X X
Financial Budgeting X X
Understanding By-Laws X X
Understanding Declarations X X
Understanding Rules & Regulations X X
Understanding insurance X X
Understanding Taxes X X
Understanding Common Area’s X X
Understanding Common Property X X
Understanding Common Elements X X
Issuance of Community News Page X X
Issuance of Association Web-Site X X
Live Virtual Event Management Services
Association BOD Meeting Support – 1 Monthly X X
Association Membership Meeting Support – 1 Yearly X X
Zoom Cloud Meetings – By Appointment Only X X
Independent or Shared Hosting Controls X X
Sign -N-Register X X
By Invite Only (Security) X X
Video/Audio Recordings X X
Email Communication Network Services
Unit Owners Membership Emails X X X
Association BOD Members Emails X X X
Smart-Phone Services
Community Text Network X X X
Access Association Portal X X X
Access Unit Owner Private Account X X X
Cloud Management Services
All Files are stored in the cloud X X
Formation Documentation X X
State Incorporation X X
State EIN Documents X X
IRS EIN Documentation X X
Governing Documents X X
Engineering Drawing X X
Government Documentation X X
Yearly Budgets X X
Yearly Banking Statements X X
Taxes X X
Property Management X X
Landscaping X X
Building Safety X X
Maintenance X X
BOD Accessibility X X
Unit Owners History X X
Secure Access X X
Analytical Hub – Dashboard Services
Intelligent Reporting Tools X X
Investigate Trends X X
Predict Outcomes X X
Discover Insights X X
Complete Data Analysis X X
Charts & Graphics X X
Legal Services
Documentation Support Only X X
Evictions X X
Law Suits X X
Insurance Claims X X
Governing Documents X X
Committee’s Formation Services
Governing Set-Up X X
Guidelines X X
Agenda X X
Processes X X
Intuitive Financial Software Services
Financial Reports
Balance Sheet – Assets, Liabilities, & Equity X X X
General Ledger – Debit & Credit Transactions X X X
Beginning & Ending Cash Balances X X X
Budget & Actual X X X
Income Statement – Income & Expense By Unit X X X
Association Reports
Association Unit Notes – Communications X X X
Board Members Index X X X
Unit Owners Financial Details X X X
Violations – List of Violations & Status X X X
Delinquent Association Unit Owners X X X
Late Fee Policy – Auto Set-Up X X X
Auto-Payment Reminders X X X
Yearly Tax Statements (Software Ready) X X X
IRS Fillings (H&R Block Membership) X X X
IRS EIN Status X X X
State TIN Status X X X
IRS/State Sales Exempt Certificate Status X X X
Budgetary Data (Proprietary) X X X
Past Years Data Collection & Input X X X
Current Year Data Collection & Input X X X
30 Year Projected Budgets X X X
Yearly Cost Analysis X X X
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT’s) Services
ePay Activity – Electronic Funds Transfer X X X
Banking Transactions Via Smart Technology X X X
Remote Check Printing – Vendor, Utilities, ect. X X
Check Details – Visual Attachments X X X
Credit Cards/Debit Cards or Checking Accounts X X X
Real-Estate Sales Services
(All Services are Independent Contracts Only) X X X
Lowest Fee’s X X X
Highest Sale Marketing X XX
Exposure X X
Showcasing X X X
Fastest Turn-Over X X X
Sales Certificates X X X
Property Insurance Services
(All Services are Independent Contracts Only) X X X
Townhomes/Condominiums/Investment Properties X X X
Associations General/Liability X X X
Common Property X X X
Auto X X X
Life X X X
Recreational X X X
Maintenance Contract Services
(All Services are Independent Contracts Only) X X X
Compliance Reports X X X
Work-Orders- Association & Unit Owners Requests X X X
Elevators X X X
Parking Garages X X X
HVAC Systems X X X
Pools X X X
Boilers X X X
Safety Systems X X X
Roofing X X X
Electrical X X X
Plumbing X X X
Carpentry X X X
Excavation X X X
Painting/Drywall X X X
Masonry X X X
Landscape Contracts Services
(All Services are Independent Contracts Only) X X X
Grass Maintenance X X X
Shrubs/Bushes X X X
Trees X X X
Decorative Designs X X X
Repairs X X X
Pest/Rodent Controls X X X
Fertilizers X X X
Weed Controls X X X
Inspection Program Services
(All Services are Independent Contracts Only) X X X
Building Inspections X X
Roofing Inspections X X
Gutters/Downspouts X X
Foundation Inspections X X
Landscape Inspections X X
Storm-Water Drainage Inspections X X
Retention Pond Inspections X X
Detention Ponds Inspections X X
Security Inspections X X
Parks/Pools Inspections X X
Safety Inspections X X
Code Enforcement Inspections X X
Hazard Inspections X X
Mold inspections X X
Alterations Requests
Electronic Alteration Forms X X X
Submittal Process X X
Compliance Reviews X X
Approval Process X X
Code Enforcement X X
General Inspections X X
Rental/Leasing Programs
(All Services are Independent Contracts Only) X X X
Residential X X
Townhouses X X
Condominiums X X
Duplex X X
Single Family Houses X X
Investment Properties X X
Ownership Accounts X X
Operating Account X X
Reserve Account X X
Unit Owners & Tenants X X
List – Unit, Names, Contacts, Status X X
Background Search (BMI) X X
Credit Rating Search X X
Individual Unit Owner Account X X
Summary – Name – Contact Address X X
Communications – Emails X X
Records – Files X X
Ledger – Balance X X
Notices – Late Payment – ect. X X
Set-Up EFT Payments X X
Attachments X X
Accounting X X X
Work-Orders/Tasks X X X
Communications X X X
eLease Activity – Leasing Details X X X
Premium Tenant Screening Usage X X X
Billed Premium Tenant Data X X X
Transaction Details By Account – Debits & Credits X X X
Basic Tenant Screening – Billed Basic X X X
Appliances Registration X X X
Meter Reading – Utility Meter Service X X X
Event History X X X
Unit Owners Registered Auto’s X X X
1.) any/all fee’s are not included X X X
2.) any/all permits/license and/or certificates are not included X X X
3.) any/all attorney fee’s/cost are not included X X X
4.) any/all policy cost are not included X X X
5.) any/all equipment/tools/materials are not included X X X
6.) any/all travel, hotels, food costs are not included X X X
7.) any/all contracts are exclusive of the management plan X X X
8.) any/all plans are supported via contract and not advertisement X X X
9.) this document is advertisement and is subjected to modifications X X X
10.) any/all discounts are based on the program membership level X X X
11.) Packages are influenced based on “SIZE” and “AGE” of community X X X
12.) Boss is a “ONE STOP ALL” approach to property management X X X
13.) Minimum Plan Total Cost = $160.00 per month>

15.) Deadlines & Due Dates are the responsibility of the client X X X
16.) Not responsible for late fee’s, charges or interest X X X